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Monday, 19 November 2012


by Amb. Alemayehu Abebe
Ethiopia a country that existed since millenia before Christ and thrived to today is a country of proud people. Ethiopia, jealous of her independence, defended aggressions from afar and near. The most famous modern day aggression was conducted by the Italian colonialist in the last part of the 19th century. The then illustrious son of Africa, Emperor Minilik II and his famous wife Etege Taitu, with all Ethiopians behind them, defeated the aggressor at the battle of Adwa. It was the first humiliating defeat for any European colonialist. After 40 years Mussolini addressed IL Duce, and his Fascist Party dreamt of avenging the humiliating defeat and thus decided to invade Ethiopia in 1936, in spite of the fact that Ethiopia was a member of the League of Nations.
Mussolini’s right hand man Rodolfo Graziani has been entrusted by Mussolini to suppres the insurgents . But he used his power to eliminate thousands of innocent and peaceful people, to intimidate and squash all elements of opposition. Although the Italians were in the towns the country side was under the Ethiopian Patriots. Graziani massacred some thirty thousand innocent Ethiopians in three days alone and three hundred monks of Debre Libanos, located about 80 kilometers from Addis Ababa. Graziani was also instrumental in using poison gas on innocent people. That is why he earned the infamous name of “the Butcher of Ethiopia”.
It is hard to imagine that such a man can be honored. In 1948 this criminal was found guilty by an International court and sentenced to 19 years of hard labor. For some unknown reason the ‘BEAST’ was released after having served only two years.

When the news from Italy told the world that the village called Affile inaugurated a Mussoulium and a Park in the name of Graziani, it took all by surprise to say the least. One cannot imagine that a country that repudiated Fascism could indulge in such a way. This action cannot be imagined without the consent of the Italian Government. If this is not checked in time we will not be surprised if a grand monument is built to Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, the infamous “Butcher of the Jews”.

What is the most surprising episode of the inauguration ceremony is the presence of the representative of the Holy city. It is to be recalled that the Pope Pius XI was in collusion with Fascism and has recognized Ethiopia as part and parcel of Italy and the clergy were seen blessing the war machine of Benito Mussolini. As all may know the Vatican has apologized twice to the Jews for failing to speak out against the infamous massacre of the Jews.'

The Vatican is yet to recognize the legitimate request of apology from the Ethiopians.
First and foremost we demand the Memorial center designated to Graziani, the “Butcher of Ethiopia” be dismantled in honor of the victims of Fascism both in Ethiopia and Italy.
We alsao demand that Vatican apologize to the Ethiopian people for being supportive to the elimination of innocent Ethiopians.
In conclusion We would like to salute and pay homage to an Italian hero from the ranks of the Partisans namely Colonel Walter Audisio ,whose nom de guerre was Colonel Valerio who ordered the summary execution of the “ Numero Uno” Fascist, Benito Moussolini in April 1945. Mussolini’s body was hanged upside down in Milano. No one rejoices over the death of a fellow man but the elimination of a butcher is a service to humanity.
Last but not least who could in one’s right mind think Fascism can resurrect in Italy after all the suffering it entailed on the good and innocent citizens of Ethiopia and Italy.
Please use your good office to render justice to the victims of Fascism worldwide. Attached please find a press realese from the Ethiopian Patriots Association.

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